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Thank you, Rick and Liliana – Welcome on board, Sara

I would like to acknowledge and thank Deacon Rick Nevins and his wife Liliana, for the invaluable service they gave to English Baptism ministry last year. As you know, Deacon Rick took that serious responsibility for an entire year, spending many hours of effort and hard work in a ministry that requires enormous patience, time, and effort. Deacon Rick and Liliana were a team that helped many families in our community to grow more deeply with Christ through the experience of the baptism of their children.

Thank you both for all that you gave us. Saint Anne is your home and we hope it will be so for years to come.

I would like to welcome Sara Rassas to Baptism Ministry. Sara is a familiar face to both the English and Spanish speaking members of our community and has been a parishioner at St. Anne for many years. A native of Nogales, Arizona, Sara taught at Mesa Community College until 2016 and is currently in her first year of retirement. Wishing to serve God in this new stage of her life, she has taken on this ministry with great determination and tremendous enthusiasm. Since July she has been familiarizing herself with the work and is now, happily, a member in the staff of the parish. Sara is bilingual and works with many other apostolates at Saint Anne as a volunteer.

We ask God to richly reward the good work of Deacon Rick and Liliana Nevins and pray for this new stage in Baptism Ministry with Sara Rassas to be full of blessings for her, the families of the children baptized, and the community of Saint Anne.

God bless you,

Fr. Sergio

Goodbye And Thanks, Isabel

Isabel Gonzalez, our current Volunteer Coordinator, has decided to begin a new stage in her life and will be leaving her work here in our parish. I would like to publicly acknowledge Isabel’s important service St. Anne over the past year and a half.

Isabel has combined her responsibilities as coordinator of volunteers in the parish with another full-time job as a primary school teacher at a school in Gilbert. She has carried out this work at Saint Anne with many sacrifices, dedicating time that she did not have to complete this new ministry’s tasks for our community.

An important part of her work and effort was aimed at the Safe Environment program, a very important program that seeks to create a safe community for everyone, especially our children and youth. The work for this program was arduous. The problems and challenges are very large. I can say to her credit that Isabel leaves us with extraordinary results.  Her work also impressed Melanie Takinen, who until a month ago was the Director of Safe Environment for the Diocese of Phoenix and is currently in charge of that same responsibility at the national level for the United States Conference of Bishops. Last June, Melanie wrote saying,  “Saint Anne Parish has done a great job at creating and maintaining a safe environment since the initial visit in 2013 AND IS NOW A ROLE MODEL within the Diocese of a strong safe environment program. “

The main protagonist of this feat was Isabel. The data supports these claims: the number of volunteers who are in compliance with the Called to Protect program is now 96%. When she arrived it was less than 70%. Isabel has met with a huge number of volunteers: the diocese requires  2 – 5 % of volunteers to be interviewed annually. Isabel, in one year, raised our percentage from 5% to 17%.

For all of this and much more that you have given, Isabel, we thank you. We will always remember your joy, your commitment, enthusiasm, and good work. We will miss you. Pray for us and for the next person who will occupy your place. You can feel very proud: you will leave them a ministry that, thanks to your work, is efficient and exemplary.

God bless you always!

Goodbye And Thanks, Claudia – Welcome On Board, John

As some of you may know, our youth minister, Claudia Lopez, will be leaving youth ministry this September. Claudia, I wish to publicly thank you for your efforts over the past two years and recognize your work here at Saint Anne.

When Claudia came to our parish, we were in a particularly difficult situation – we had been without a youth minister for over a year. Youth Ministry can be very challenging, but Claudia embraced it with dedication and joy. She also completed studies in theology at the Kino Institute in order to be more qualified for the mission that our Lord entrusted to her in our community.

Thank you very much, Claudia, for all of your great work in service to our children and youth. May God, who rewards all we do for love of Him, reward you abundantly for your contribution to the apostolic work of the parish. We trust that we will see you at Saint Anne as a volunteer and parishioner. This will always be your home.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Youth Minister, John Caballero. John is launching this project of evangelization with the passion and enthusiasm that characterizes him. He is leaving a profession that he likes very much, but is happy to do so for Christ. John is a Knight of Columbus, a member of Catholics in Action and one of the pilgrims who accompanied me on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in June 2014. He has also collaborated in many other parish ministries including door-to-door evangelization.

I am confident that all of his good qualities in service to the highest ideal – the salvation of souls – will bear much fruit at Saint Anne. His initiative and spirit, his love for Christ and the Church, his desire to be generous with God and his apostolic zeal make him ideal for the responsibility that he is about to assume.

John, thank you very much for trusting God and putting yourself in his hands in this new phase of your life. May your fidelity to prayer, without which we can do nothing, allow your humble obedience and your determination to make fruitful this ministry that you are about to begin. God bless you.


Although I know I’m late, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the extraordinary work that Sister Elisa Monroy has done for our parish. She was here at Saint Anne for 10 years, predominantly working with Spanish speaking families in Baptism Ministry, but it would be impossible to enumerate all of Sister’s contributions to our parish in these few lines.

Sister Elisa will always remain in my memory as an example of evangelical simplicity in her serene and quiet work, as well as in her sacrificial love for our Hispanic families. Her advanced age and her delicate physical health add even more value and worth to her service to our community.

I wish her well in this new phase of her life and I want to thank her for her effort and sacrifice. May God bless Sister Elisa and may she be rewarded with even more love than she has lavished Saint Anne over her many years of service to our parish.