There Are Many Good People at St. Anne – New Diaconate Candidates

DeaconsIn our Parish, things happen. They happen because, on one hand, there are people who allow themselves to be guided by God. And, on the other hand, the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of so many that they open up, just like morning flowers, unto the grace of the Lord.

This year, five men from our community have begun the process of discernment and formation for the permanent diaconate of the Diocese of Phoenix: Bill Clements, Rob Estes, Ernie Jemente, Oscar Lopez and Ivan Rojas are about
to begin an exciting journey. I would like to thank them and their families for the generosity they have shown. I would like to tell them that they give hope to all of us; that it is such a luxury to have five candidates for the diaconate and that we pray for you! May your time of discernment be fulfilling and if God is calling you, may you reach your goal to be ordained. You will not lack the grace of God. Do not fail Him.

These five men are also sending a message, loud and clear, to other men who may now be considering the diaconate as a possibility for themselves. Sometimes, we have to risk it all; leap into the abyss, with the assurance that Christ will never abandon us.

If the Holy Spirit continues to act in our parish, if we allow ourselves to be taken by Him, wonderful things can happen. I would also like to invite men to consider priesthood as a possible calling. I cannot promise you an easy life, or a future with financial security, or big houses or worldwide recognition. If, however, what you are looking for is glory, light, heaven, adventure and love, priesthood should be an open avenue for you. “The most divine vocation amongst the divine ones” –omnium divinorum divinissima – as it was referred to by a Holy Father of the Church, St John Damascus.

At the same time as we pray for our candidates, to whom we pledge our support, prayers and fellowship, we ask our Lord to ignite within our youth –men and women- a great desire to give themselves entirely to Him. In His infinite mercy, may He grant us the grace of great and generous hearts that choose to follow Him through priesthood and the consecrated life.

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