Thank you, Rick and Liliana – Welcome on board, Sara

I would like to acknowledge and thank Deacon Rick Nevins and his wife Liliana, for the invaluable service they gave to English Baptism ministry last year. As you know, Deacon Rick took that serious responsibility for an entire year, spending many hours of effort and hard work in a ministry that requires enormous patience, time, and effort. Deacon Rick and Liliana were a team that helped many families in our community to grow more deeply with Christ through the experience of the baptism of their children.

Thank you both for all that you gave us. Saint Anne is your home and we hope it will be so for years to come.

I would like to welcome Sara Rassas to Baptism Ministry. Sara is a familiar face to both the English and Spanish speaking members of our community and has been a parishioner at St. Anne for many years. A native of Nogales, Arizona, Sara taught at Mesa Community College until 2016 and is currently in her first year of retirement. Wishing to serve God in this new stage of her life, she has taken on this ministry with great determination and tremendous enthusiasm. Since July she has been familiarizing herself with the work and is now, happily, a member in the staff of the parish. Sara is bilingual and works with many other apostolates at Saint Anne as a volunteer.

We ask God to richly reward the good work of Deacon Rick and Liliana Nevins and pray for this new stage in Baptism Ministry with Sara Rassas to be full of blessings for her, the families of the children baptized, and the community of Saint Anne.

God bless you,

Fr. Sergio

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