Reasons to be Proud of St. Anne – VBS

Vacation Bible School 2015
Vacation Bible School 2015

In the parish of St Anne during the second week of June, we were lucky to host Vacation Bible School, which this year led us to Nazareth. Our children were able to learn, at the school of Mary, who Jesus was and how to love him more and better. It was five wonderful days, full of joy, in which St Anne transformed into a real hive of activity.

St Anne became Nazareth!

The two sessions this year (morning and afternoon) had an attendance of approximately 240 children. We had to close enrollment because we reached the limit of what we could manage. Just as impressive as the number of children was the number of volunteers: there were so many offers to help that, for the first time, we had to turn some volunteers away…there were too many!

All this speaks of many things: first of all, the life that permeates our community. Secondly, the big hearts of our parishioners who are always wills to serve and to help.  And thirdly, it speaks of our Vacation Bible School. I have heard comments from parents of other parishes saying that they want to bring their kids to our VBS because the one at St Anne’s is “the coolest”. Allow me to share two comments of our parish Facebook page. One is from a mother who is a parishioner: ” It’s been so much fun. My kids are having a lot of fun, and can’t wait to come back every day”.

The second comment goes something like this: “the best year due to the many volunteers and participants! Thank you so much for joining us!”

I want to thank each and every one of the volunteers who have been essential to the success of this VBS. When we work together, we can accomplish great things! If I may, I would especially like to thank those responsible for preparing our VBS: Dana Zazick, Tina Crossley, Madelyne Cheroske, Claudia Lopez, Donna Kano, Jean Estes-Gonzales, you are the best!
  We can also feel very proud of our children, who raised over $1000 for Fr. David’s parish in Ganha during VBS!! Finally, whenever you can, I invite you to look on Facebook at all the photos taken throughout VBS this year. You will think you are in the Holy Land, two thousand years ago! 
May God bless you.

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