FORMED at Saint Anne

As you know, since I came to the parish we have tried to encourage communication and develop catechetical tools that our faithful could use to deepen their knowledge of the Faith in simple and accessible ways. I am aware that there is still a long road ahead and that there will always be more to accomplish, but I feel that it is necessary, at the same time, to acknowledge with humility and gratitude the progress we have made with the help of so many people. Let’s recall a few of them together.

St. Anne WebsiteToday, Saint Anne has one of the best parish websites in the world, both for its design, as well as its content and technical aspects. Our website is so good that other parishes and non-Catholic communities have reached out to us for advice.

In addition, we have an application (app) for mobile devices (phones and tablets), which is offered for immediate communication with our parishioners. The app is a source for daily readings, saint of the day and podcasts that aid us in prayer and help us to acquire knowledge of our faith and lead us to union with Christ. The app also has a trivia game created by some of our of parishioners who devoted considerable time and effort to make sure this tool would help all of us to better understand our faith in an entertaining and fun way.

We are also still working to make Footprints, a documentary about The Way of St. James, El Camino de Santiago, available for viewing by people all over the world. As you know; many of the young men in the documentary are members of our parish.  If God so wills it, release of this documentary will be an apostolic milestone of such dimensions that it is difficult to comprehend and foresee its positive implications to our parish.

FORMEDToday I would like to bring to your consideration another new tool that is available to all of our parishioners – FORMED. For a couple of months now, we have had the FORMED platform, through which all of us, in the comfort of our homes, have access to hours and hours of Catholic formation and spirituality in both English and Spanish. Through FORMED we can watch movies, documentaries, formation series, catechism courses, audios and meditations. Being a parishioner at Saint Anne gives you access to extraordinary materials that helps you grow in your faith and deepen your personal relationship with Christ. Many of you have expressed to me your gratitude for bringing FORMED to the parish and have shared with me ways in which it can be used in parish catechesis, in families and in personal prayer. I encourage everyone to make use of this tool in your homes and in your spare time. I want to thank everyone who made it possible to have FORMED here at Saint Anne. May God bless their efforts by helping many of us grow closer to God.

In the past, maybe you could say that we did not have enough ways and means to deepen in the Faith. Now, and I am using an American expression, the ball is in your court! No one at St. Anne can say to God that we didn’t have enough ways to know and love Jesus and develop the fruits of holiness in our Christian lives!

May God bless all that we do, for His glory and the salvation of souls.


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